Unleash the potential in your team. COMERXCHANGE programs and workshops were developed to help leaders and teams recognize and address common performance blockers and engagement drains. The Work Better program develops team intelligence and personal effectiveness skills to help teams work better together and get even better results. Our standalone workshops address specific team needs related to team effectiveness, interpersonal skill and work life harmony.

Some of the benefits of our programs and workshops are:

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Better customer experience
  • More personal fulfillment and job satisfaction
  • Greater agility to meet the changing needs of your customers
    • Clients turn to COMERXCHANGE when they want to improve any of the following:

    • Alignment in their teams
    • Communication between and within teams
    • Ability to handle conflict constructively
    • Ability to influence and be influenced
    • Accountability for team and organizational results
Anne Comer

Anne Comer

Anne Comer founded COMERXCHANGE in 2014 to help leaders reach their own and their teams’ potential. In a career spanning over 25 years in operations, human resources and education, Anne noticed that teams often underperform due to common blocks in mindset and skills. She now brings her corporate and facilitation experience to work with leaders and teams to help them re-engage with the work they love. In the process, they learn how to thrive in the 24/7 workplace. She works across all sectors to deliver programs and customized workshops that guide leaders in the implementation of changes that stick.


Make work better ... one team at a time


We build trust with our clients and associates by acting with the highest integrity
We are open and honest in the way we communicate and work
We work in partnership with clients to find solutions that are not prescriptive
We believe in anima sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind and spirit in a healthy body